Aristocratic contest, three top business dressing watch comparison

Although in modern such a very open world, has rarely used the word aristocracy, but had to admit that it still exists, such as the Western high society. In the world of watches, the same aristocracy, personally think that Earl, Lange, Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe is one of the model, this aristocracy is not self-styled, their character has long been recognized by everyone. So, the same aristocracy, what is the difference between them, so that both at the same time and long stands in the top of the watch it? This count of the G0A35130 fake watches is a classic watch which is classic, it is adhering to the Earl watch elegant and refined tradition. To noble platinum material, and slim shape design, will be extraordinary refined temperament show most vividly. It is also very simple with the dial, as a men's watch, to show a sense of the atmosphere. It as a classic section of the classic, there is no need to pass too much function to express themselves, so it did not add any special features. As for its performance has a strong support for the movement of Cal.1208P, not only can be reassuring, but also for this watch the artistic value of a lot of color. It is the current reference price of 181000 yuan, the value is not low, but it is indeed value for money, if you want to buy a can greatly enhance their own taste of the watch, then, G0A35130 is your choice. Vacheron Constantin Maltese small seconds 82130 watch as a barrel-type case 100 anniversary of the historic significance of the launch of the watch, with its special significance, it is like a special design to bring people back to 100 years ago that barrel just The advent of the bright future of the times, and it is indeed with their own barrel with a small seconds of the design of the discoverer, has become an epoch-making works. This watch worn on his hand, will show the owner of the watch profound cultural heritage and its distinctive taste, but also mixed with a touch of nostalgic feelings. Its movement relative to those well-known movement in terms of the industry, may not be superior, but as Vacheron Constantin's own production movement, but also enough to fake rolex watches let everyone rest assured that Vacheron Constantin's brand is the guarantee of this watch performance. Which watch the current price should be about 17 million, is a collection of valuable value of the classic watch, which itself represents the meaning and value has been more than its price. This is suiwatch for elegant men's top selection, 37 mm watch diameter suiwatch for body weight loss of men. The price of about 150,000 floating, get on the face after a certain face. Do not say it represents the brand is the world's most senior, to see the movement of a single gooseneck fine-tuning, it is enough to explain it is so good, coupled with the watch material exquisite and luxurious, so only by everyone Of love. Classic small three-pin disk can make the partner free of charge any formal occasions, it expresses the rigorous style and the German character coincide. Earl gives the intuitive feeling is a kind of blood from the swiss replica watches blood of the extravagance, gentleman, elegant, subtle, and its noble now uncomplicated uncompromising attention to the details of the beauty of the overall shape of the perfect, the world carrying the world's thinnest Automatic winding movement 1208P, which is also the representative works of the count. Vacheron Constantin Maltese wine barrel watch is one of the oldest brand products, its aristocratic atmosphere is mainly reflected in the unique personality and delicate artistic beauty, the internal brand-made 4400AS manual movement, which is Vacheron Constantin a basic representative works , After a large part of the copy function movement are used as a template. Lange Saxon watch is a small three-pin watch in the classic, from the German blood in the meticulous, the pursuit of its perfect product, it is now the gas on the back of that unparalleled movement texture, the top grinding process and excellent Mechanical structure, given its rich connotation. Overall, the three aristocratic watch has a different blood bearing, or low-key, or personality, or rigorous, is the top watch simple beauty of the model.